Pay attention to little things, they do Matter !

October 16, 2016

Pay attention to small things

“If you want to change big things, you pay attention to small things.”

-Rudy Giuliani

Everyone wants to be happier. And research has told us time and time again that the one simple take away you need to be happier every single day is to live in the moment and pay attention to small details. Attention, mindfulness, presence — whatever you want to call it — means not flipping the switch to auto-pilot or lamenting things in the past. Show up authentically to every moment (or as many as you can — let’s be honest, no one is perfect and if they say they are, they’re lying) and live your life. When you do you’ll see there’s a lot there to like.

1) Taste your food: How often can you say that eating is an experience? Sure, there are fancy-pants meals here and there that you remember, but do you remember your lunch last Wednesday? Did you even have lunch last Wednesday?! Stop eating as a means to an end. Be purposeful and enjoy it.

2) Take out the headphones: Does your commute involve popping in your ear buds and tuning out until you arrive at your destination. (How did I even get here?!) Guess what, you probably missed a ton of awesome stuff along the way. Maybe you missed two BFFs sharing a laugh together or someone walking their adorable dog. In isolation it’s no big deal, right? But it’s these tiny little things that remind you of an awesome time you had with your BFF and your favorite pet growing up (or now!) and these small happy things compound until you open your eyes and realize that today was pretty darn good.

3) Be lazy:  That doesn’t mean endless movie marathons on the couch, although those are cool too, on occasion. Chances are, part of the reason you’re so busy is that you’re trying to do too much. There are plenty of things that you absolutely can’t cut out like work and family obligations, and spending time with friends, but there are efficiencies, too. Rather than spending 30 minutes each day making dinner, dedicate an hour over the weekend to prepping and chopping and you can cut your dinner time routine down by 10-15 minutes/day. It doesn’t sound like much, but you’ve already freed up more than enough time to pick up that meditation habit you’ve been meaning to form.

4) Switch lanes: Step 1: Flip on directional Step 2: Check your mirrors and merge left directly into the slow lane. Yep, the simple act of slowing down will give you a better chance of taking notice of the small things that happen throughout your day. This can be as simple as ditching your multitasking habit in favor of being a uni-tasker. Bonus: believe it or not it will make you more productive.

5) Listen: This one is a trifecta of good vibes; it will make you a better friend, employee and partner. We spend lots of time each day in conversation whether it’s in meetings or over the dinner table. But are you truly listening? Two sentences in and your mind is already drifting to that next deadline you have to hit or who’s picking up the kids, or what’s for lunch. Mmmmm …. lunch…. but when you find yourself drifting, bring yourself back. You and whomever you’re conversing with will be glad you did.

And Most Importantly-Family 

We all are someone’s mother, father, brother and sister ! Suppose you are a father of a beautiful Princess and you are just ignoring her while you are just lazying out on the sofa on weekend after a loooooong week, you gave your smartphone to her with cartoons on youtube app. she also needs your time with her, she wants you to play with her toys, her kitchen set but you ignored her all the way down.

A father is the first love of a daughter, do not forget !

So you ignored her, first she will try to catch your attention by continuously calling you, climbing on you, tumbling on you, if that doesn’t work she will get upset and she may become tempered, her behavior will change towards others, her siblings etc. She will get more involved in gadgets but beware and read: How That Gadget Could be Harming your Toddler.

and sometimes later, your place in the heart of her will be replaced with those cartoons, smartphones etc. She will not be having that affection towards you.

How Ignoring Your Child Affects Confidence

When you continuously ignore your child, his confidence and self-esteem suffer, according to the Children’s Physician Network. Your lack of interest, affection and displays of love might make him feel that he is not worthy. He might begin to feel that nothing he does is good enough, which could cause him to believe that he is not good enough.

How Ignoring Your Child Affects Behavior

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who are ignored by their parents tend to behave more aggressively than children who receive plenty of attention from mom and dad. If you spend more time ignoring your kids than you do playing with them, talking to them and acknowledging them, they might show their anger by throwing objects, hitting others, yelling and behaving with an overall aggressive demeanor.

You can read the full article here.



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