spending some quality time alone is good for you-A research

October 20, 2016

Be it work stress or the project deadline is approaching near or whatever issues you are going through. We all will be experiencing this situation now or later but spending some quality time alone with only yourself is going to help you out. During free time we used to send text messages, email or phoning but we never keep an eye on ourselves, a research has warned us for this. why? because in this modern era of technology we are surrounded by many electronic gadgets like SMARTphones, Computers, Tabs and many more…they emit the electromagnetic radiation which is highly dangerous for our body if they continuously are penetrating through us.

Spending some quality time alone, Pic by Dinesh Suthar

Here are some benefits of spending quality time alone:

1) There is no pressure as to how well you perform.
When you are alone you can take time to become involved in activities that you really enjoy with no pressure as to how well you perform them or how accomplished you are. The joy is in the doing, in the experiencing and in your own inner enjoyment of expressing yourself.

2) Your unique brand of creativity flourishes.
Your unique brand of creativity flourishes when you are removed from outside influences.

3) If you want to paint your house, paint a picture, design something, write something, invent something, spend quiet time allowing your imaginative genius freedom to explore possibilities. It can be a most rewarding experience. Explore your abilities and interests. You may come up with something that will change your life.

4) Gear down, refresh and get ready to tackle the world.
We live in a very hectic society. Stress and stress related illness is at an all-time high. Spending quality time on your own allows you to gear down, refresh and be more ready to tackle the outside world when you re-emerge.

5) Quiet time can help you sort through problems.
Just sitting down and thinking through a problem, thinking about what caused it and how best to resolve it can result in very effective solutions. But even if a solution is not forthcoming, just having taken the time to think things through and to understand the problem more thoroughly can bring peace and a certain courage to carry on.

6) You may find a new best friend.
Contentment with life is strongly based on contentment with who you are. If you spend quality time alone, you find out more about yourself.If you really dig down and get to know yourself thoroughly, and to enjoy who you are, your interactions with the world will work out better too because when you know and like who you are as a person it shows through everything you do and say. It is a very attractive quality.

7) Get more done.
Do you have a list of things you need to do, want to do? Is your list one of these that never seems to get any shorter because you are always too busy to get around to doing the things on the list?

8) Spending quality time on your own will allow you uninterrupted time to get these things done. You may or may not enjoy doing them, depending on what is on your list, but you will definitely feel better for having finished them. You will emerge with less stress, less weighing on your mind and the satisfaction of a job well done.

9) Become more relaxed and tolerant.
Do you sometimes feel irritable and get easily annoyed with people? Do you find a great many “jerks” around you at times?The more annoying people appear to you, and more of them there are, the more you could benefit from some time on your own. You cannot change the world, you cannot change what other people say or do. But you can change your perspective on them. After some calm, peaceful quality time on your own doing whatever pleases you, or doing nothing at all, you will find the annoyances in life shrink dramatically because you are now relaxed and more tolerant.


Info source: SkilleYouNeed