Employment in India-Current Situation

November 3, 2016

Job search…

Everyone has gone through this phase especially after completing the college/university degree. some get their first job luckily within 6 months but unfortunately the other part of those people still hoping to get into the employment. During this phase many come across the term, Job Consultancy company, Employment/Hiring consultancy company.

India is abundant of such consultancies because not everyone gets the first job immediately after college.

What actually is a Employment Consultancy ?

employment consultancy in India

in US, all consulting companies do is marketing, they send resumes and find people who have the skills. But the scenario in India is completely different or we can say, “Awkward”.


Lets Describe this situation like this:

As a Fresher in Mumbai you are searching a job and given your details in Naukri and Monster , some days you get a call saying they are from SUCH A BIG COMPANY and are providing a beautifully hand crafted job for you. They INVITE you for the F2F interview at their location preferably their location used to be Nalasopara, Mira-road, Bhayandar or other backward stations. Their office would be nothing but a 10X10 “Kholi” in chawl or an old building.

There would be a chair in corner for so called Human Resource or HR who would pretend to be the HR of that SUCH A BIG COMPANY ,not this poor consultancy. There would be technical question round and then HR round. Moving further, you gave all the answer humbly and honestly but you were said that THEY WILL LET YOU KNOW.


….and they never call you again…

why? because the position is already filled-in, there were no vacancy. What these SUCH A BIG COMPANY do is, they hire a such dim-witted cheap HRs and tell them to conduct a research to find out how is their company performing in employment, so that they get good score in CMMI level.

Job consultancies in India are playing with emotions of people, they just reject the candidates telling their profile is not shortlisted..why ?


Why do they dont read the resumes of candidates and ask accordingly what a candidate has done previously in college or previous company?


what is the use of those squares, circles and all things which they ask in aptitude test ?


Why to waste the time of others ?


Why there is so many rounds of interview?


I personally avoided jobs from any employment consultancy. I tell them not to call me again otherwise !@#!@#..


Liked it ? so whenever you get call from such HRs ask them for their website name with url, go and visit their website but beware it is their website, so the contents will also be theirs. I am here giving a good hint to find out such employment agencies: always check the banner of homepage like this:

consultancy banner

fake job consultancy

If you find such banner in which some foreign people are standing with their hands folded that agency is purely a fake.

Kindly share my Post so that others can help themselves in job hunting.