Punjab and Delhi are searching how to convert black money to white money

November 13, 2016

Black Money : When the entire nation is supporting the currency ban, here we have got something interesting for you on TWF. Take a look at the below screen shot of google trends for “how to make black money to white” because a picture says alot.

punjab and Delhi on black money searches


Not only Punjab and Delhi, Odisha and GUJARAT” too. Here we are not saying that only these 4 states are having black money but why only these 4 states are trending on google trends ?

I guess people got the idea from google only that to convert black money to white money, they should buy other commodities like Gold and Silver.

According to Wikipedia here,

“In Gujarat, Delhi and many other major cities, sale of gold massively increased on 9 November with an increased 20 to 30% premium surging the price as much as to 40,000 from the ruling price of 31,900 per 10 grams (0.35 oz). As a combined effect of demonetisation and United States presidential election, the share markets saw drop in stocks of software industry and real estate but slight improvements in the banking sector.”

black money speech by Narendra Modi in Goa

He cleared that there is no guarantee that another surgical strike on black money would not occur. So how would these Gold Diggers be escaped..? Hahaha…Poor People is the right keyword for those, Actually they are poorest now.


I hope the innocent people would be happy if the next step by Modi Govt. would nab them red handed and they are jailed instantly.

“Bahut kha liya desh ka namak in namak-haramon ne..ab ek ek cheez ka hisab dena hoga”.

India against black money


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