Dear Mr. Manmohan Singh, does India really need Bharat Bandh ?

November 25, 2016

bharat bandh on 28 nov 2016

As Oppositon parties Congress, TMC, BSP, AAP etc has called Bharat Bandh on 28th November 2016 for demonetization, and thousands of people support this strike without knowing the actual reason.

people blindly follow Bharat Bandh

On behalf of the innocent people who will be suffering this Bandh, I just want ask one question “Why India should support Bharat Bandh” ? Millions of people are going to suffer not because of the demonetization but because of this strike.


Even Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “SPOKE” on demonetization and led the opposition attack on government in Rajya Sabha, terming demonetisation a “monumental management failure” which would lead to dip in GDP growth by at least 2 per cent.

Thank you Mr. Manmohan Singh we have a lot of respect for you just because You were India’s Prime Minister for a decade and during these years India has suffered alot. Where were you when there were scams like 2G, Commonwealth, Coalgate ?


A good move by an online petitioner against Bharat Bandh on

Dear Friends,

Bharat Bandh on Monday 28th Nov, 2016 called by the Opposition will only cause disruption and loss to the people of India. When things are getting streamlined, post the decision to demonetize 500 and 1000 Rs currency and when the common man is supporting the cause of reducing the fake currency and black money from the system, these kind of activities will only further add to the grievance of the common man. If the opposition really wants to help the citizen of India, help them by supplying essential things like food, water etc. which they may not be able to buy easily. If they really want to help, guide the people as to how to come out strong from this phase. Calling Bharat Bandh will be a huge loss for the traders, small business man and many other ppl who survive on daily wages. It will be an inconvenience for the working class. I do not support any political party and only support the well being of our country and the country men. I am gonna follow my routine schedule as planned for that day. I will not let anyone decide for me. I just want to live peacefully.

Kindly sign this petition and unanimously lets not support this Bharat Bandh.


A Common Man


Being a common man of India, I too signed the petition and urge you all too to do the same. DONT FORGET TO COMMENT YOUR VIEWS ON Bharat Bandh