Things you should know about AMP

December 2, 2016

Google had announced AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page project in October 2015 with 30 publishers and technology firms (including Twitter, LinkedIn and Guardian).

Finally Google has started AMP for everyone in last month, November 2016 after announcing Mobile First Index.

What exactly is AMP ?

The term AMP has grabbed the eye worldwide; but, not everyone is up with the form. I’ll enlighten you on this by uncovering all the required things for AMP


Other than the forums, sturdy indications of the forthcoming significance of the initiative are returning from Google itself. Here at TWF we’ve got recently seen an increase in notifications returning through our clients’ search consoles, Even we got such notification for our website, so you are not alone here.

In this post, I will explain:

  • Evolution in a Brief
  • How AMP Works?
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Google Mobile View

Google AMP: Evolution in a Brief:

Persons who belong to or are consistently in touch with digital advertising and science need to be good-aware of “net efficiency” challenge. There are a plethora of books, whitepapers, blogs, and e-books that folks on the way to unravel the disorders. Additionally, numerous discussions are held on various boards and tech sites involving the equal area.

However, even when living in the era of constant analysis and development, on-line users usually face poor internet performance problems, particularly on smartphones. Users browsing the net on smartphones in search of reports, articles, and blogs usually encounter painfully slow sites that irritate them the foremost, because of that they abandon those sites.

AMP project is associate initiative taken by Google with a vision to supply associate ASCII text file framework that promotes the event of fast-loading mobile pages. the largest and purpose of victimization this framework is it optimizes internetsites while not fixing the first mobile web expertise. Moreover, being engineered on the present internet technologies makes it extremely compatible to figure with completely different existing platforms like WordPress.

So, AMP is meant to reinforce the mobile expertise, that otherwise was targeted on static content-oriented pages. it’s the end result of the experiment to create existing mobile-oriented sites load quicker for delivering nice browsing expertise to the users worldwide.

Now, you need to be thinking, however it helps? Then take a glance at this:

AMP hypertext mark-up language is claimed to be pretty quick. The developers have tested the sample pages victimization Speed Index on Nexus five with 3G web and located performance improvement between 15 % and 85 %.

How AMP works ?


AMP offers an fine technique to create mobile web pages via the framework. AMP in motion contains of three different materials:


it’s derived from HTML, in order to call it a subset of HTML or HTML increased with customized AMP properties . Don’t get burdened; it includes maximum tags of general HTML even as some are AMP-certain tags. Additional, that you may click on right here to see Accelerated Mobile Page sample document and HTML tags in AMP spec. Which you could refer this link for extra small print.


With the limit to use Third-party JS, AMP presents a colossal JavaScript library that implements the best performances practices to help web builders to a best extent.

3. Google Accelerated Mobile Page Cache

With the help of CDN (Content-Delivery Network), it presents caching for AMP-enabled pages to optimize particular performances.

AMP Implementation on your internet site

New to Accelerated Mobile Page ? Don’t worry you are not alone. Everyone adopting the procedure will witness it for the first time.

Now, that you wish to have to enforce it to your website, then ensure you hold two separate variant of the article page that you need to test. The first variant will be your normal one at the same time the 2nd will probably be your Accelerated Mobile Page version.

Although there are more than a few considerations about making use of Accelerated Mobile Page , as it does now not enable making a lead seize type, does no longer help 1/3-party JavaScript, additionally points comparable to on-page comment and several other are missing, which you could check with this blog with the aid of Paul Shaprio to search out options to those problems.

Accelerated Mobile Page Analytics

As I recounted previous on this write-up that AMP is a full-fledged framework that supplies helps up to a nice extent. Yes, humans will get a smart analytics with AMP that follows the philosophy of “measure as soon as, report back to many.” that you would be able to get further small print on AMP Analytics.

Accelerated Mobile Page on Google: cellular View

Now, you ought to be considering, how Accelerated Mobile Page would look on cell engines like google. examine out the demo of  US president “Donald trump” on cellular.

AMP version of google search result

Wrapping up

similar to you, even I am not too familiar with Google AMP. Nevertheless, i have tried my best ever to quilt some vital knowledge to make you mindful of this new buzz. I am hoping you’re going to like this post and don’t forget to drop your priceless feedback under.