Indian Railways ticket

How does Indian Railways books a ticket ?

December 10, 2016

Every Indian has lots of question when he/she gets a train ticket especially waiting tickets. Today we are going to explain such topics for you. What is the algorithm used to reserve train seats? How are seats allocated based on group bookings and how RAC and waiting seats get confirmed? Lets First take How many… Read More


Things you should know about AMP

December 2, 2016

Google had announced AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page project in October 2015 with 30 publishers and technology firms (including Twitter, LinkedIn and Guardian). Finally Google has started AMP for everyone in last month, November 2016 after announcing Mobile First Index. What exactly is AMP ? The term AMP has grabbed the eye worldwide; but, not everyone… Read More


Mukesh Ambani’s New Year gift for Reliance Jio Users

December 1, 2016

Reliance Jio big announcements today: What to expect ? When the entire nation is struggling with demonetization, Mukesh Ambani today on 1st December 2016, announced something soothing that all the jio users will get delighted. Jio welcome offer which was nearing to its expiry date, 31st Dec,2016, will get automatically extended till “March 2017” and… Read More


Google to roll out Mobile-first-index soon

November 5, 2016

Google has started his experiment with his indexing, called mobile-first index. It will now first look for a mobile version of a website to rank the site. It redirects to desktop version if there is no mobile version of your site. What is Google Mobile-first-index ?   Most people are searching on Google using a… Read More